Jokaso MBBR

Jokaso MBBR

MBBR has been studied at universities in Lund, Sweden, Trondheim and Norway since the 1980s. The story begins when in Lund, wastewater treatment professionals encountered a difficult and toxic wastewater amount from paper production industry, which puts pressure on scientists to innovate and develop a new treatment method. By studying thoroughly, understanding the microbial growth and development processes in wastewater, along with long-term experimental calculation measurements. This study was soon systemized with specific calculation formulas. This is the beginning of a new biological treatment method, focusing on microbial treatment technology and development process based on living conditions of microorganism.

In the late 1980s, MBBR biological membrane technology was developed in Trondheim by Professor Ødegaard, the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) and colleagues at SINTEF. This technology is based on the principle of biological membrane, which means that microorganisms treating wastewater is developed on the surface of carrier material during processing. Recognizing the advantages of this new technology, the idea of widespread adoption of MBBR was formed at the Ideon Science Forum in Lund in 1986. The commercialization of MBBR officially began in 1989, when the R & D contract was signed between water treatment research team in NTH/SINTEF in Trondheim and the Kaldnes engineering company in Tønsberg, Norway.

So what is MBBR? What are its advantages???

MBBR is an abbreviation for Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor, a wastewater treatment process that uses materials as carriers for microorganism to stick to for growth and development. At MBBR, three types of microorganisms simultaneously exist on the carrier material: anaerobic, arbitrary and aerobic microorganisms. MBBR uses carriers in removable form with large surface area, continuously moving and evenly spreading in the wastewater storage space, thus taking the most advantages of volume of treatment tank, reducing the volume of building works, simultaneously increasing stability during operation.

công nghệ MBBR


In Japan, under the high pressure of domestic wastewater treatment, with its outstanding advantages, MBBR was soon applied in Jokaso. Up until now, the Jokaso MBBR is still accounting for a significant proportion of Jokaso systems installed.

We Future Development Solutions Joint Stock Company (FUDESO) have a team of experienced employees and technicians who are trained, research and apply in reality the Jokaso MBBR process from Japan. Plus our spirit of learning, research and creativity, we have changed, improved and successfully applied this technology in real conditions in Vietnam.

Advantages of MBBR:

- High microbial density in MBBR tanks means high efficiency of treatment of pollutants in wastewater. Thus this will save space for building aerobic tanks (MBBR tanks), and still ensure the quality of after-treatment water meeting the strictest requirements of waste discharge areas.
- Also due to the sticking to microbial carriers, microorganism grows and develops well, ensuring the stable microbial population well suffering the fluctuations during operation of the system. Therefore, there is no need to return activated sludge for aerobic microbial tank like traditional Aerotank technology, thus reducing the sludge return system construction cost. On the other hand, it will improve the automation of the system and simplify the operation as well as operating costs (labor costs, energy costs, parameter control equipment cost, etc.)
- The use of microbial carriers in the tank increases the ability of oxygen diffusion into the water, significantly reducing the waste amount of oxygen that is released from surface of the tank, thereby reducing the air supply capacity of the air blower.
- Excess sludge generated during processing is less in comparison with traditional Aerotank technology. This will save space for deposition tanks, sludge tank (or sludge sucking-for-removing frequency in sludge tank is less - half in comparison with traditional Aerotank technology)
- Very convenient for upgrading and expanding processing capacity of the system: With system capacity expansion from 1.2 to 1.5 times or upgrade the water quality (From standard A to standard B) we just need to add MBBR carriers and change the supply air volume, operation process without having to build or expand the tank.
- MBBR carriers in HDPE material are very durable compared to equipment of other technologies, low wear and tear ratio. (The systems we supplied and installed for partners have worked for 6 years and currently are still working well). Furthermore, the addition is simple and quick (just by adding MBBR carriers to the MBBR tank).
- No odor is generated during operation of the system
- High aesthetics do not adversely affect the beauty, general planning of area around the system.
Currently MBBR technology is widely applied in wastewater treatment systems for small and medium scale such as textile and dyeing industry, aquaculture, living, hospitals, factories, workshops, residential areas, etc.


Jokaso MBBR technology diagramph.

Johkasou MBBR


Here are some of the biological carriers commonly used in the Jokaso MBBR technology.

Johkasou MBBR

Johkasou MBBR


In addition, to meet the rigorous demands of investors, as well as to increase stability in the process of treating wastewater with high concentrations of pollutants, In 2015, Fudeso and Hung Dai Long will jointly distribute MBBR16Ja carriers, private surface of 960 m2/m3.


Johkasou MBBR

Why should you choose Fudeso to design wastewater treatment system?

Currently, we are the prestigous unit specializing in supplying and installing Jokaso MBBR wastewater treatment systems with the quality products meeting strictest requirements (Regarding technically, aesthetically, etc.) with the most competitive and suitable price. Please use our Jokaso MBBR products to ensure that wastewater treatment and disposal of factories, workshops, hospitals, residential areas, etc. carries out continuously, the effluent quality is satisfactory, not causing environmental pollution, contributing to the protection of our living environment.
With a thoughtful, caring, professional, and effective serving manner: From the stage of surveying, consulting, building and installing, guiding the operation, technology transfering to warranty and maintenance. Besides, we also accept to maintain the wastewater treatment system when the warranty expires for the output water quality to meet the waste discharge standards as committed. We are confident that "We are customers' reliable partner".
For further inforation and assistance, please contact us for advice and timely solutions to help you quickly fix not to cause impact on waste discharge process as well as the production and business activities of your company.
Jokaso system.
Fudeso successfully applied Jokaso in wastewater treatment systems.

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