AUTOMATIC GREASE TRAP – Get one's money's worth – Is it worth the money?

Grease traps, grease seperator, etc. are no longer unfamiliar words to those interested in separating oil and kitchen grease to avoid clogging pipes. These products are easy to use and cheap. With only a few million dong, customers can own a common grease separation tank with compartments: the first compartment separates raw garbage, the second compartment stores water long enough for oil and grease to float to the surface, clear water goes down. bottom and flows out, while the scum is periodically picked up on top.
So what if the grease sticks to the screen of the garbage screen, causing blockage from the very beginning of the grease trap?

The fat is frozen and clogged from the very beginning
Like in the old days, my family used to boil super warm, hot water straight into the pipe to melt the grease. But that is with the family kitchen, but the industrial kitchen does not know how many pots of hot water to boil enough? especially in the northern winter, the weather is cold, the fat often builds up, the kitchen staff is busy washing several thousand dishes and pots and pans and still has to wait for the water to boil to melt the fat.
Moreover, the waste grease of the restaurant, the industrial kitchen at the place of collection is often very "terrible", smelly, dirty, etc. staff are often afraid to look at it, let alone pick up excess fat. And after a long storage time, the fat will be denatured, degraded, causing a very strong odor. Opening the lid to pick up the scum will make the smell spread throughout the kitchen, causing unsanitary. Not to mention how the tools for removing grease will be cleaned after being picked up? Should I wash it somewhere else or go back to the wash basin just finished washing the dishes?
Some smarter designs, is to install a drain valve at the top point to open the valve to catch the grease into the can. However, this valve is not smart enough to recognize where is grease, where is water, accidentally flushing out both at the same time. Thus, the separation of fat will be "coal", the fat is nowhere to be seen when the can is full of water.
Overcoming the above disadvantages, Fatbusta has launched an effective fat separation product: Fatbusta fat separator. The machine is equipped with an additional heater, which can reach up to 100oC, automatically eliminating the possibility of grease build-up causing blockage. Gears are made according to exclusive British technology, ensuring only grease is adhered and separated from wastewater, efficiency up to 90%. Grease after separation is carried on a closed chain to the waste oil container. Users do not need to open the lid or directly remove excess grease, helping to prevent odors and convenient for users.

Heating element from Italy

Heat conductors

Wipers were imported directly from UK, with efficiency is higher 90%
So instead of spending tens of millions to unclog pipes or pay a few million more workers a month to remove excess fat, customers can be proactive from the very beginning to effectively separate grease for kitchen wastewater. With the above price for a durable product that can be used for many years, it can be said: "worth the money".
Currently FUDESO is the exclusive distributor of Fatbusta in Vietnam.
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