Currently, the situation of environmental pollution of surface water of ponds, lakes, canals and even underground water sources caused by domestic wastewater in urban areas and residential areas has reached an alarming level; Along with the population growth is the strong development of urban areas, concentrated residential areas, the amount of untreated domestic wastewater is increasingly having a great impact on the safety of the living environment and health. health of the whole society, especially in big cities, industrial zones and craft villages.
Understanding that potential danger, University of Civil Engineering in collaboration with Friendship, FujiClean, FUDESO, Normura Trading organized a seminar to introduce the development history of Johkasou, types of Johkasou in Vietnam, and compare Compare the treatment plan at source with centralized treatment in urban planning problem. From there, providing an optimal solution to synchronize infrastructure, thoroughly treat waste sources during the development of new urban areas.

It is hoped that through program studies and improvement processes will continue to improve water quality. Thereby contributing to spreading the message to raise the awareness of joining hands to protect water and the environment to everyone.
♥ ️ ♥ ️ This is also the mission that Fudeso and its partners always strive to implement and accompany to contribute to improving the quality of life for all Vietnamese. On October 21, 2022, Hanoi University of Civil Engineering (HUCE) in collaboration with Future Development Solutions Joint Stock Company (FUDESO., JSC) successfully implemented the Workshop: “Application of Johkasou system planning and environmental protection”.
The conference was successfully organized with the participation of:
Representative of Department of Infrastructure and Water Supply and Sewerage, Association of Water Supply and Sewerage
Representative of resource environment, Center for issues and art environment;
The University of Civil Engineering with professors, doctors, and teachers achieved membership in the Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, University of Civil Engineering, University of Architecture and University of Water Resources.
Expert of Infrastructure Department, Ministry of Construction.
Representative of Construction Magazine, Government Portal, Government Electronic Newspaper.
Japanese experts on Johkasou from Fujiclean - The unit that accounts for 42% of Johkasou market share in Japan.
Representative companies in the field of drainage and environment.

The seminar helped influential delegates in the water supply and drainage industry and the environment have a better view of Johkasou, its advantages and disadvantages and the ability to apply Johkasou in Vietnam today. We were told about the difficulties that businesses face in the process of socializing Johkasou. And especially, during the seminar, many delegates gave very useful comments and suggestions as well as great encouragement to FUDESO so that we know that we are not alone in our efforts. Johkasou socialization in Vietnam.
Below is a link to the article summarizing the contents of the Conference on Construction Magazine, please read: